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Abounding with history, gorgeous architecture, and of course, that signature southern charm, Charleston is a wonderful city to call home. From things to do and places to go, to the best restaurants in Charleston, check out this official neighborhood guide to South Carolina’s second largest city.


As the oldest city in South Carolina, Charleston has a long and rich history dating back to the colonial era. Initially called Charles Town after King Charles II of England, the city was founded in 1670 but was not officially incorporated until after the Revolutionary War in 1783. In the nineteenth century, Charleston had one of the largest enslaved populations of any city in the United States. This led to tension during the

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CHARLESTON COUNTY – Market Inventory Update – 4 Musts for Buyers and Sellers in a Fast-moving Market

Inventory of available homes in most areas of Charleston is under six months. Six months of inventory is considered a healthy, balanced market.

Months of Inventory 2017

This chart shows the relative strengths of the different MLS areas based on the number of sales during Jan-May 2017 compared to the number of actives on 6/11/2017.

    # of Jan-May Median # actives months
  Area 2017 Sales Sales Price 6/11/17 inventory
1 32 CHS-N.Chas./Summerville outside I-526 424 $174,142 126 1.5
2 62 DOR-Sville/Ladson/Ravenel Ar to Hwy.165 232 $182,000 85 1.8
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The Millennials and Baby Boomers are the two largest demographic groups affecting real estate prices in 2017.  Are these two competing for the same product?

Prices should increase in most areas in 2017 but at a slower growth rate. Single Family homes were up 4.7 percent compared to last year, and Townhouse-Condo homes were also up 4.9 percent. We will likely need years of improved wage growth to account for recent price gains.

When inventory is low, and demand is high, prices will rise.

Millennials continue to command attention as the next wave of home buyers, yet the rate at which this massive population is entering the market has been less than stellar.

This may be due to a cultural change away from settling into marriage and parenthood

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Charleston, South Carolina real estate sales have been sizzling through the 4th of July weekend, with over 300 residential properties under contract this past week.  231 single family homes went under contract this past week with a Median List price of $260,000 with an average square foot price of $130/sqft.  4 homes sold under $100,000, eight over $1 million dollars, none over $2 million.  The average days on the market was 23.

Only 3% of the 231 single family homes under contract were Bank Owned or Foreclosures.  Another 10% new construction. The days of snapping up homes “under water” in the Charleston metro area have disappeared with the steady stabilization of the entire real estate market.
Buying activity is still excellent, but starting to slow a

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The local market update for downtown Charleston including South of Broad, year-to-date 2017. Single family detached homes showed the following key metrics:

The strong market showed 136 new listings,  a decrease of 8-1%

Closed Sales 106 an increase of 34.2%

Median Sales Price $890,000, an increase of 9.2%

Average Sales Price $1,262,203, an increase of 20.7%

Percent of Original List Price 93.0%, an increase of .0.5%

Days on the Market Until sale 108, an increase of 27.1%

The Townhouse-Condo Attached

The strong market showed 159 listings, an increase of +6.7%

Closed Sales 100 an increase of 17.6%

Median Sales Price $650,500 an increase of 10.1%

Average Sales Price $661,890 an increase of 3.3%

Percent of Original List Price

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The Charleston real estate market remained strong for 2016 and 2017 should be even stronger with demand outpacing supply in the entire Charleston area.

After several years of housing market improvement, 2016, as predicted, was not a pronounced triumph but more of a measured success. Markets took a steady and mostly profitable walk from month to month. Even as supply was short and shrinking, sales and prices were often increasing.

Interest rates were expected to rise throughout 2016, but they did not. Just as happened in 2015, the Federal Reserve waited until December 2016 to make a short-term rate increase. Incremental rate hikes are again expected in 2017. An economy that shows unemployment at a nine-year low coupled with higher wages inspires

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Helping to Feed One Billion People by 2020 at Feed A Billion

Feed A Billion has had an amazing few weeks of awareness as we share this incredible mission to the world. Over a half a million meals have been pledged and we are well on our way to a billion meals by 2020.

At a recent Celebrity Connected event Feed A Billion Founder, AJ Jain and CEO, Jason Sisneros met with 40 plus celebrities who had an interest in Feed A Billion. One of our favorite celebs, Nikki Soohoo pledged to be a brand ambassador for our mission. Thank you, Nikki! We love you for your support.

Feed A Billion works through many channels to utilize matching and sponsorships to multiply each donation and stretch each dollar to maximize the impact. We also strive to keep the

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The Essential Pursuit of … is Less More?

After spending 50 hours at an Unleash the Power within seminar totally immersed in changing one’s state, oblivious to the chaos going on outside the door and around the world, I began to wonder. Where are we? Are we forever chasing the undisciplined pursuit of More? It is the culture of our times, to turn on the news, use social media, and so on. We may not be able to control the events that happen in the world, but we do get to decide how we respond to it.
If we focus on what we want and set priorities and do the right things rather than trying to do everything that comes across our phone or desk. End multitasking for life. Why does it feel that the more we clutter our lives with stuff, the less we feel? If we

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What can you buy for a dime?

If I’ve caught your attention, thank you.

One dime feeds one person, one meal, somewhere in the world. Not a meal that you and I are used to, but a meal, nonetheless.

Food Is Love: Feed A Billion Wants To Feed The World By 2020

In its first nine months, Feed a Billion managed to provide approximately 1.3 million meals to people all over the world. What started out as an idea at a Tony Robbins event by AJ Jain, has ignited a mission of awareness to the hunger plight of millions around the world. Immediately after the goal had been spoken the 501(c)(3) organization was born,  and meals were distributed through partners including Feeding America, SERV International and Akshaya Patra.

Partner Jason Sisneros, CEO

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As a founding member and volunteer, it is my honor and privilege to be a part of this mission.

These pictures are from Tony Robbins, Business Mastery in Las Vegas.  With your help, we can make a difference.  Every dollar received will be matched by Tony Robbins.

If you, your community or your organization would like to contribute, we have widgets to put on your site to help our mission to feed a billion people by November 2020.  If you would like to volunteer your services, we can issue a receipt for value-added marketing services.


What is Feed A Billion?

Feed A Billion is a 501(c)(3) organization that was founded in May 2016. Locally, nationally, and internationally, Feed A Billion advocates for the hungry and displaced. Our goal is

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