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March 30, 2017
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Feeding A Billion Update

Helping to Feed One Billion People by 2020 at Feed A Billion

Feed A Billion has had an amazing few weeks of awareness as we share this incredible mission to the world. Over a half a million meals have been pledged and we are well on our way to a billion meals by 2020.

At a recent Celebrity Connected event Feed A Billion Founder, AJ Jain and CEO, Jason Sisneros met with 40 plus celebrities who had an interest in Feed A Billion. One of our favorite celebs, Nikki Soohoo pledged to be a brand ambassador for our mission. Thank you, Nikki! We love you for your support.

Feed A Billion works through many channels to utilize matching and sponsorships to multiply each donation and stretch each dollar to maximize the impact. We also strive to keep the operating cost at the lowest levels. By adding value to businesses as well as business funding, we have many sponsors and businesses to thank for their support and donations.

Recent sponsors who have pledged their support for Feed A Billion are:

US Trucks pledged 17,000 meals, and with Tony Robbin’s match, that is at total of 34,000 meals. Main Stream Electric, Heating and Air donated 50,000 meals.  With Tony’s match, that donation equaled a total of 100,000 meals. Grain Ingredients out of El Paso, Texas pledged 100,000 meals and with Tony’s match, that made a total of 200,000 meals. That is over 334,000 meals from just these three companies. Please like and show the love to these businesses sharing our vision.

We recently hosted a Facebook Live show with Live Bearded, who supports the mission.  Live from Maui on Monday, March 18th, philanthropy and social marketing united. We are grateful for all of our sponsor’s support.

Our organization just earned a Gold Seal of Transparency on GuideStar USA!
Click here for our profile.  By adding information about our goals, strategies, capabilities, indicators, and progress to our GuideStar Nonprofit Profile, we are telling people how we are making a difference in the world.

Feed A Billion exists to feed hungry people and provide meals one at a time to people who need them. By spreading our word and efforts, we advocate for the hungry and displaced. Our goal is to help feed individuals in need in every corner of the globe. Our promise is to feed one billion meals by November 20, 2020.

Please help Feed A Billion:

Click any link above or go to the www.feedabillion.org site and donate. Click on our Facebook page too! One “LIKE” equals one meal and one “SHARE” equals ten meals. Please consider putting a Feed A Billion widget on your company site as well to help further our mission to feed a billion people by November 2020.

Thank you, we love you.




Please contact AJ, Jason or Katarina at www.feedabillion.org today. We need your support!